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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Letter to Jerry Jones

Dear GM Jerry:

First of all yes, I did enjoy those three Super Bowls.  I enjoyed them very much.  Thank you.  But it’s been a VERY long time since that last Super Bowl and I think it’s about time for some long overdue changes.  The last really good move you made as owner/GM/head cook/dish washer of the Dallas Cowboys was to hire Jimmy Johnson.  Then, because poor little you felt you weren’t getting enough credit fired the coach that had just won back-to-back titles (BTW-Title three was Jimmy’s too and you know it). 

It’s been seventeen years of absolute garbage coming out of Valley Ranch.  The fans of this team (of which I am one) expect better.  Many of us were fans long before you bought this team.  And a large portion of us will still be here long after you’re gone.  Is this really what you want you legacy to be?  You’ve been a great owner.  But let’s face facts.  As a GM you stink! 

You’ve spent the last seventeen seasons plus one draft trying to prove to the world what a genius you are by making idiotic draft trades and signing washed up free agents to ridiculous contracts.  You’ve hired one puppet coach after another with one exception and you only hired him to get a new stadium built. 

You, Jerry Jones, are a narcissist that’s surrounded himself with sycophants and I despise you because of what you’ve done and continue to do to the football team I’ve loved since long before you signed a check.  I, along with most of my friends, were rabid Cowboys fans but over the last seventeen years you’ve slowly drained that passion from us and replaced it with apathy.  There was a time when I wouldn’t miss a Cowboys game come hell or high water.  Now if that collection of ill-fitting parts is playing I might watch if I have nothing better to do.  And I can’t begin to tell you how angry that makes me. 

Isn’t it time you stop tarnishing the star you’re so proud to own?  Stop ruining Sunday afternoons and nights and Monday nights and Thanksgivings for the millions of people who consider themselves Cowboys fans.  You’re travelling down the same path that Al Davis took the Raiders down.  Is that what you want for this team?  Do you want it to get to the point where that monument you built to your ego is barely half full for games?

Resign as GM and do what you do best: Market and promote the Cowboys and your stadium.  Make all the stupid rapping pizza commercials you want and let someone who knows what the hell they’re doing run the football team.


A Very Disgruntled Fan                  

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