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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Letter to Jerry Jones

Dear GM Jerry:

First of all yes, I did enjoy those three Super Bowls.  I enjoyed them very much.  Thank you.  But it’s been a VERY long time since that last Super Bowl and I think it’s about time for some long overdue changes.  The last really good move you made as owner/GM/head cook/dish washer of the Dallas Cowboys was to hire Jimmy Johnson.  Then, because poor little you felt you weren’t getting enough credit fired the coach that had just won back-to-back titles (BTW-Title three was Jimmy’s too and you know it). 

It’s been seventeen years of absolute garbage coming out of Valley Ranch.  The fans of this team (of which I am one) expect better.  Many of us were fans long before you bought this team.  And a large portion of us will still be here long after you’re gone.  Is this really what you want you legacy to be?  You’ve been a great owner.  But let’s face facts.  As a GM you stink! 

You’ve spent the last seventeen seasons plus one draft trying to prove to the world what a genius you are by making idiotic draft trades and signing washed up free agents to ridiculous contracts.  You’ve hired one puppet coach after another with one exception and you only hired him to get a new stadium built. 

You, Jerry Jones, are a narcissist that’s surrounded himself with sycophants and I despise you because of what you’ve done and continue to do to the football team I’ve loved since long before you signed a check.  I, along with most of my friends, were rabid Cowboys fans but over the last seventeen years you’ve slowly drained that passion from us and replaced it with apathy.  There was a time when I wouldn’t miss a Cowboys game come hell or high water.  Now if that collection of ill-fitting parts is playing I might watch if I have nothing better to do.  And I can’t begin to tell you how angry that makes me. 

Isn’t it time you stop tarnishing the star you’re so proud to own?  Stop ruining Sunday afternoons and nights and Monday nights and Thanksgivings for the millions of people who consider themselves Cowboys fans.  You’re travelling down the same path that Al Davis took the Raiders down.  Is that what you want for this team?  Do you want it to get to the point where that monument you built to your ego is barely half full for games?

Resign as GM and do what you do best: Market and promote the Cowboys and your stadium.  Make all the stupid rapping pizza commercials you want and let someone who knows what the hell they’re doing run the football team.


A Very Disgruntled Fan                  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: Inside the Mediocrity


Adjective: Of only moderate quality; not very good: “A mediocre manager”.

           Synonyms: middling-moderate-indifferent-ordinary
The last time my beloved Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl was January 28, 1996 when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX 27-17.  Since then under the “leadership” of owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones they have wallowed in their own mediocrity.  Let’s take an in depth look at the kind of success GM Jerry has led this team and its fans to.
There have been 17 NFL season since that Super Bowl XXX victory.  That’s a total of 272 regular season games.  In that period the Cowboys have a win/loss record of 138-134.  That’s a percentage of .507, only seven thousandths of a percentage point above dead even. 
They have advanced to the playoffs only seven times in the last seventeen seasons.  In those seven appearances they have a record of 2-7 (.222).  Their only playoff wins coming in the 1996 Wild Card round against Minnesota and the 2009 Wild Card round against Philadelphia. 
In those 17 seasons they have only eight winning seasons with winning totals of 9 wins 3 times, 10 wins 3 times, 11 wins once, and 13 wins once.  They have six losing seasons with losing totals of 10 losses 3 times and 11 losses 3 times.  And they have three seasons where they have finished with records of 8-8.  Two of those being the last two seasons (2011 and 2012) missing the playoffs completely for the last three seasons.  Even during the recent “glory” days under Head Coach Bill Parcells (2003-2006) the Cowboys record was only 34-30 (.531) with two playoff appearances and zero playoff wins.
In the last 17 seasons the Cowboys have ushered in six head coaches.  All of which, according to Jerry, were to lead the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl.  Six men in 17 seasons mean that each of these savior coaches had an average tenure of 2.8 seasons.  During the same time frame they have rummaged through seven starting QB’s leaving an average QB tenure of 2.4 seasons.  These prime athletic specimens include NFL legends Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, and Vinny Testaverde.
During the last 17 seasons of luke-warm crap the Cowboys have trotted out onto the field on game days the only number that makes any difference is the number “1”.  They have had one owner, one president, and one general manager.  And all of them are, unfortunately, the same person, Jerry Jones.
Jerry has claimed publically on countless occasions that nothing is more important to him than winning.  This is only partially true.  To Jerry nothing is more important than winning…as long as he gets the credit for it.  Jerry knows everyone gives the vast majority of the credit for past Super Bowl success to Jimmy Johnson.  Therefore Jerry’s inflated ego insists that he has to prove to everyone he is a football genius and can do it all by himself. 
This is why I have come to despise Jerry Jones.  He has taken a storied NFL franchise, the franchise I have lived and died with, and turned them into the very definition of mediocrity all because he must satisfy his ego with no regard to the fans that loved and supported this team long before he signed the check purchasing them.
The Cowboys most recent 8-8 debacle prompted Jerry to state at a press conference that there was going to be “meaningful and substantial” change at Valley Ranch.  This is a BOLD FACED LIE!  The only meaningful and substantial change can come at the position of general manager.  And the entire world knows Jerry will never replace himself as GM.  Jerry’s over-inflated ego will never let him admit it but he is completely willing to continue to run the Cowboys franchise into the mud on the off chance that he will catch lightning in a bottle and win another Super Bowl. 
And it’s this willingness on his part to accept middling, moderate, and ordinary results from his team that is turning a once passionate fan base totally indifferent.         








Sunday, April 4, 2010

People of God?

 Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (3701 Southwest 12th Street, Topeka, KS 66604, 785-273-0325, and their "pastor", Fred Phelps, are some of the most disgusting people it has ever been my misfortune to hear about.
This den of vipers are the "Christians" responsible for protesting outside military funerals claiming that every dead soldier is God's punishment for America tolerating homosexuals. They hide behind the First Amendment while carrying signs with the slogans, "Thank God For Dead Soldiers", "God Hates Your Tears", "Thank God For 9/11", and "Thank God For IED's". It disgusts me that you use the First Amendment to spew your message of hatred the same way the KKK and Neo-Nazis do in this country. It angers me that you have the nerve to call yourselves Christians. And it fills me with rage that you torment and terrorize grieving families in the name of God! You maggots are no better than Muslim extremists or Nazi skin heads.

Let me point something out to these mental midgets: God does not hate people. God hates sin, ALL sin. God loves homosexuals but He hates their sin. God even loves dirt-bags that protest military funerals but He's probably not too crazy about them committing sin in His name. If you people were really Christians you would offer comfort and support to these families during their time of sorrow. You would show them the love and compassion that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, showed for you when He died on the cross for your sins so that you wouldn't have to face the wrath of God. I have to wonder if any of the members of this "church" have ever challenged pastor Fred to show them where in the Bible the Lord says that he will smite the soldiers of a country that tolerates homosexuals? To have perverted and twisted the Word of God into this meaning Fred Phelps is either certifiably insane or possessed by Satan.

I want to remind pastor Fred and the members of his "church" that judgement and vengeance belongs to the Lord. Someday each member of this congregation will stand before God and have to answer the question, "Why did you torment and persecute your grieving brothers in My name?" And pastor Fred will have to answer the really tough question, "Why did you command others to torment and persecute their grieving brothers in My name?"

Of all the sins I will have to answer for myself I am glad that won't be two of them.